16 days

The number seems so small to the length of sobriety I had. But I am still sober (again.) Spent the last few days of my vacation reading my book “Buddhism and the Twelve Steps”. I still need to read the Big Book and combine what I learn from this book with that. I have been making mental lists of who I need to make amends to. Also, I need to reboot this blog and go back to listing my mistakes. I need to reread what I have already written so I don’t repeat myself.

But I feel more positive about starting over than when I first got sober. I also realize that staying sober is an active state. It is not gonna just happen. I do need to work for it.

6 thoughts on “16 days

  1. Congratulations. As all of us know 16 sober days is no small feat. I too am in the process of rebooting my blog which I only posted to twice over a year ago. Thank you for the reminder of my last “beginning” and the added inspiration to reopen the blog.

  2. I’ve been meaning to reading that book. Also, I’d like to check out Richard Rohr’s Breathing Underwater. I straddle the line between Christian and Buddhist, and while I’d prefer no labels at all, I know myself better than that. I’m a labeler. At least I’m a sober one. Good job on the 16 days!

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