Just ask

I got a spa package today that included a glass of sparkling wine. While I waited for my waitress, I sincerely considered it. “Just one since it is included. Then water.”

WTF. I just went through the “just one” thoughts 2 weeks ago. I remember where that got me but here I was thinking of trying it again.

Even if I had just one, once the alcohol gets in my blood, I start craving. I start obsessing. I start thinking of nothing else but wanting that numbness.

Instead I asked if there was anything nonalcoholic I could get with the package. “Of course. We have a sparkling juice instead with orange juice, lemon juice and grenadine.”

See. Just ask. You will be surprised how many places will accommodate us that can’t booze.


5 thoughts on “Just ask

  1. I’ve been having those same thoughts, “I can have just one or two and that would be it!” How do you push through those thoughts? I read what you write but how do you force yourself to make the right choice? Willpower? Specific thoughts? Texting someone? I’m only 85 days sober and it seems the longer I go the more the thought of drinking like a normal person comes into my mind.

    • Willpower. I remind myself what happened last time. I think of how I spent the day craving for another drink and all the money I wasted drinking that day and the next time 3 days later. It is not easy. My alcoholic mind tries to trick me into forgetting. I can’t swear I will always have this willpower. That is why I decided to get a sponsor and do the 12 steps when I get home. Relying on just willpower worked for a year and 4 months for me. In the beginning, reading blogs and writing blogs helped a lot. Now I am trying to find real world support.

  2. “Just one” has never worked for me. I lose all sense as soon as I have that one. I just avoid that first drink altogether. It’s great that you asked for something else instead! Kudos 🙂
    ~*Moody Thursday*~

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