Drinking Game

You know you are an alcoholic when you sit in an AA meeting and think of how it could turn into a drinking game. Drink everytime you hear “higher power”, “it works if you work it”, or “the Big Book.”

Of course it would be a coffee drinking game.

4 thoughts on “Drinking Game

  1. Ha! Very true. I’ve thought something similar. I’m not as anti-AA speech as I used to be, but I still won’t permit the phrase “When I first came into these rooms” to leave my lips, and I feel silly every time I say, “It works if you work it.” All of it’s true, of course, but I’m admittedly, I’m a language snob when it comes to myself. Others can say it all they want to.

    Boy, that would be a lot of coffee if you played that game….

  2. I started a draft of a book in my head all while sitting in a meeting called ‘The Rooms’ in about 30secs, it became really sinister as I think a book titled ‘The Rooms’ should be.. Your coffee drinking game amused me! I’ve come to realise this kind of fantasy thinking is natural and normal for alcoholics since being in AA from what I hear people share! 🙂

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