But be careful when you finally get heppy. Because you can become greedy for the one thing you don’t have.
I missed drinking. This new world was grand, but I didn’t feel complete without that foamy abandon. I thought about drinking all the time. If only I could drink again, then I could lose myself to this handsome stranger and not be hobbled by my own nagging insecurities.

From Sarah Hepola’s Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget

I haven’t had much time to read this wonderful book because of school. I haven’t been sleeping much nor well because of stress from work and school and life.

My mom is no longer talking to me because I demanded my 14 year old nephew apologize for ditching me 4 months ago. Not much. I just wanted an apology. But I guess my mom and sister were offended, like I was criticizing their parenting. So they stopped replying to me. In defense, I told my mom about my suicide attempt in 2001 that put me into the ICU. She tried to call and left a message wanting to know what is wrong. I got the message as I was going to class so I shot back a quick text reply about our family ignoring problems and I still want an apology. A week went by and no response. I guess she just wanted to make sure I didn’t have a gun to my head at that moment but as long as it is just my ramblings about excepting a teen to learn say “sorry”, she can go back to ignoring me. So I blocked her number and my sister. Then I deleted my nephews and brother off Facebook. I declare myself an orphan and only child. It is not much different than going on through life with them all ignoring me anyway.

I see my cousins posting about their brother that died in February. Their posts are full of love and mourning. I feel jealous for their closeness. “Sibling day” just passed and it reminds me of how crappy my siblings are. I am too. When the terrorists attacks happened in Paris last fall, I secretly wished my sister was there. I will miss my nephew and niece but I also feel guilty I don’t miss, nor know, my other nephew and niece.

The stress of being family-less has been eating me up. And hating work because I feel odd and unlike has made me want to quit. I start thinking drastic thoughts. Start thinking of getting drunk to numb it all. Start fantasizing about ways to die. Some think gardening when they see hoses. I think carbon monoxide poisoning. I think of buying a flight somewhere and chasing Valium with whatever rum is local. I think of going to the Middle East, breaking a law like fighting for women’s rights, and getting stoned to death. I think of going on a sailing trip and skinny dipping, after taking a bunch of Valium. I just want to stop feeling.

Then I went to a party Saturday. It was a costume party. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed expressing my creativity. I enjoyed seeing people that seemed honestly happy to see me. I felt surprise that people seemed impressed by my costume. That they seemed really happy to hug me. I felt liked. And that is more I get from my family.

So the suicide dreams are slipping away as I get more acceptance. Maybe happiness is on its way.

5 thoughts on “Unhappy

  1. Sorry to hear of your family problems… most of us have them. Being an only child with an alcoholic mom growing up…I know the anger and resentment. She is 83 now and because of my life full of failures, I am now living with her. A beautiful home…just the 2 of us. A year ago I began a serious relationship with God…I prayed for the will to forgive her and my x who had ripped my heart out. It happened. I was free of all the bitterness. Years and years worth. I had no idea at the time circumstance would bring me to my current living arrangement, or that it was possible. My x and I are finally enjoying seeing each other at my grandchildrens life events..(12 and 10 months old) God is amazing…and real! Miracles are all around us.

  2. It’s crazy how friends, even those you have only known for some time, can be more comforting and loving than our own families. Hang in there!

  3. One year sober on the 24th! I look back on the things yhat helped me get here…especially in the beginning! Your stories, though hard to imagine sometimes, kept it green for me. You really helped me hang in there. I always wondered what kind of job you had that allowed you so much travel…so many friends and experiences. I consider myself to be well traveled…but everyday life happens. I am a grandmother now…my 30 year old twin girls did what they always do…at the same time! The babies will be 2 this Spring and life is wonderful….sober! I hope you get this…i want to thank you. I hope you are sober and happy 2! 😎😇😋😅

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for the comment. Your grandbabies should be 5 now? Congrads. Glad I helped. It was one of the reasons I started this blog, but also to help myself. I need to go back and read my own content to remind me why I quit in the first place.

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