Love and Exercise

I just want to write a quick note that I am feeling better. I had old friends that visited over the weekend. And today I went for a 3 mile hike. I think the love of friends and exercise helped a lot!

I am actually worried about my friends because they are both overweight. One is extremely overweight. He gained a lot since our days of partying in our 20s. He mentioned a few times “I need to lose weight” but then he ordered a few beers with every meal and some between meals. I wanted to slap it out of his hand “THIS IS NOT HELPING YOUR HEALTH!” He does not have a drinking problem but his drinking is not helping his weight problem. Anytime I have a friend whine about their weight and then see them drinking alcohol, I want to pour some of that beverage into a sack and glue it to their bellies. THAT IS WHERE IT IS GOING!

Now I know not everyone that drinks is overweight and a lot of people that quit drinking have problems losing weight. I know I was irritated when I first quit that pounds weren’t falling off. Then once I stopped replacing alcohol with carbs and sugar, and once I started hiking and walking, the weight dropped. It helps. Not fool proof but at least the walking helps pump my blood, clear my mind, and maybe see some pretty views.

I was disappointed my friends tired out very easily. But I guess it was like the days when I used to pass out on them early or disappear from the clubs.

4 thoughts on “Love and Exercise

  1. I really hope your lack of posts means that you are really really busy with finals! Today is the big day I hope….

    • Hi thanks for the comment. My finals were actually a few weeks ago. Then I went on vacation. I’ve stayed strong and sober, just been too busy with life to write. But maybe I should make a blog today. Thanks again.

      • Good news! You kept me busy reading those first difficult days and I know it helped me keep going. Your stories rang a familiar bell….losing things, people, respect and finally respect for myself. I cringe at my behavior thinking that people didn’t notice when I was mildly drunk. I was drunk. And I stunk…just like people I smell it on now. Yuck! Life is so good again….thank you! 4 months yesterday!

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