Sober at the Party

I went to a party last night. It was a costume party. Again, I loved seeing all the creativity and beautiful outfits people made. And I loved the music!  I was reminded that if the DJ is good, I can dance without alcohol or drugs.

I arrived 11:30pm. I thought that was a good time. My friend said she would arrive the same time. I waited. And waited. I walked around a lot and texted a friend. I felt like a loser on my phone at a party. I had a hard time trying to find people I knew because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and everyone was in costumes. A lot of people had masks, wigs, or just looked different. Feeling aline made me want to drink. If I had a few and got tipsy, I wouldn’t mind the waiting and I would have the courage to talk to strangers.

My friend showed up with her friends close to 130am. And she was trashed. It was so annoying. She kept telling me wonderful things about myself and how good I look since I got sober. Her slurring made me even happier to be sober than her compliments. I kept apologizing to people as she pushed through the dance crowd. At least she is a friendly drunk. She hugged a lot of people and told them all how beautiful they are.

I left at 3:30am. We had plans for a dinner cruise with friends today. We were supposed to arrive between 3:30 and 4:30. It is now almost 5pm and she has not even responded to my messages. My guess is she is still sleeping away her hangover. She most likely will miss the boat leaving the dock. I guess I better try to meet some peope.

8 thoughts on “Sober at the Party

  1. Wow. I don’t have those experiences (because I don’t go to parties, for one thing, and I’m asleep way before 11:30), but I’m glad you had yet another reason to see sobriety for the gift it is. Even though you were uncomfortable and a little lonely at the party, you stayed in the moment and stayed with your feelings. I hope you went on the cruise, even without your friend. Maybe she’ll get the message one day and get help.

  2. Definitely time to meet new people! Sometimes, unfortunately, you find yourself on an entirely different wavelength than a friend who you once shared so much with. That’s ok; you are maturing and learning. Kudos for staying strong!

  3. I am actually a little shocked that I complain once about a friend that got drunk and let me down and I am getting advice to find new friends? Maybe she had her reasons for letting her drinking get out of hand for a night. It sucked that I had to wait around but I don’t think ending my friendship will be the answer. I don’t have many friends in this area and I was so excited when I found out she moved her a month ago. And I did try to find sober friends in AA but they didn’t seem to accept that I didn’t want to do sobriety the AA way.

  4. i’ve been there. kudos to maintaining your sobriety throughout the night. I had very similar experience in my 1st year sober (this time around) going out to costume parties and trying to still enjoy it the same way without drugs and alcohol. it is still enjoyable to me to see the creativity in people but personally I couldn’t deal with seeing so many of the people so high so I don’t go much anymore. it’s up to you to decide whether or not to stay friends with people when you get sober- follow what your instincts tell you. I did and found the true friends are still in my life. keep strong on your journey- all the best <3!

  5. Thank you for this blog, I am newly sober in a drunk world. You have made it work and I can too. I never want to forget my mistakes, I should never drink again. I am so glad you have been honest about the slips you have had, and to keep going and not Give up.

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