Expensive Hangover

Mistake 169- I visited Toronto, Canada many years ago. I only had a few days. I added a two day trip to Montreal. I reserved a train to Montreal and the return train would give me plenty of time for my afternoon flight from Toronto.

I went out my last night in Montreal and met two gay guys. They ended up taking me all around the gay section of the city to many gay bars. I think we ended up at a club called Pure. I have a lot of photos of me double fisting Heinekens that night. I got very drunk. I remember the two gay guys giving me a ride in a taxi back to my hotel and making sure I got to my room.

The next morning I woke up at 9:30am hungover. My train was at 10am. I freaked out and started to pack my bags. I realized I would miss my train. I still rushed all the way to the train station. I had a splitting headache and chugged Diet Cokes with Advil the taxi ride to the station.

The cost to change my train was no problem. But the next train wouldn’t get me into Toronto until later in the afternoon.  I would miss my flight. I had to call Expedia or whatever travel website I used back then. They could change my flight but it would cost me $150. I remember laughing (was I still drunk?) and said “wow this is an expensive hangover!” Also, the next flight wouldn’t be until the next morning. I had to work that same evening I would arrive home. I managed to stay with a friend in Toronto to avoid a hotel bill. Then I got home with enough time for a nap before working that night.  Such a mess for one night of drinking.

Excuses, Excuses

I was at a friend’s house yesterday and noticed a newspaper article hanging on the refrigerator. I never noticed it before and I stopped because the photo looked familiar. It was my friend’s roommate. And the article was about her car getting stuck on train tracks and she getting a DUI. A lovely story to put on the fridge!

Her car got stuck on train tracks because she turned on them by mistake thinking they were the road. A cop noticed her standing outside of the car. She appeared drunk. The cop said she was falling over. A train was coming and he was able to get her away. The train hit her car. It totaled her car. She refused the breathalyzer.

I asked my friend about it. He said she wasn’t that drunk. She only had a few drinks and she can handle her alcohol. She was falling cause she was wearing heels. The newspaper made it seem worse than it was. That road it really dark so it is understandable why she turned on the tracks by mistake.

I couldn’t help but think he was just making up excuses. She probably told him these same excuses. When I first met her, she was falling over drunk. And she was barefoot that night.

What if she did not get out of the car? Why did she get out of the car? Thank god no one else was in the car. Thank god no one on the train got hurt. There are so many variables that could have made this a different situation. But excuses seem to push all the other possibilities out-of-the-way. She went to court and received a restricted driver’s license for a few months.

In my fear that blogging about this might “out” more information about me by connecting her story to me, I tried to google it. I could not find her story nor her photo. But sadly, I found that this happens a lot. I found a lot of stories of people getting their car stuck on train tracks while drunk. I found one woman parked her car on the tracks because she knew she was too drunk to drive on a Navy base. I found other stories about trains hitting cars. One girl was so drunk she didn’t even think to leave her car until two guys made her get out.

I think back to all the excuses I used to make. But there is no excuse for all the lives lost from drunk drivers.

Mistake 151- I was in Goa, India. I rented a scooter bike for the week. I went to a party in another part of the state about 45 minutes from where I was staying. I met a couple that got a ride there. We partied all day and night on the beach. I remember I stopped drinking about an hour before leaving the party. But that was still not enough time to sober up. I offered a ride to the girl. Her boyfriend got a ride back with one of my friends. I remember I got lost a little. I concentrated so hard on keeping the bike straight on the road.

We finally got back to the meeting point where my friend and her boyfriend were waiting. Her boyfriend was so happy. Later on, my friend told me the boyfriend was so worried. He kept saying he shouldn’t have let me drive her. If we were in an accident, he would have felt so responsible. He knew I was drinking a lot at the party. I not only put my life at risk, but her life also. And that would affected him too. It would have been a horrible chain reaction. Not to mention if I caused an accident that involved another vehicle and more people.

Alcoholics only think of themselves and live in excuses.