Spidey Senses

The other day while on a walk with my friend, we smelt something burning. I quickly recognized it was marshmallows.  She commented about my super smelling powers.

Today, I walked in a store to get ingredients for salad. I smelt chocolate cookies baking. I needed one! I got a huge chocolate-chocolate chip cookie along with the veggies. It was so good.

Before going sober, I was never a huge chocolate fan. Could take it or leave it. But lately, I have been picking up candy bars whenever I stop in a convenience store. Eating the chocolate donuts from the dozen at work. Adding hot chocolate to my coffee.

I was also not a big coffee fan until recently. In the mid-90s, I was physically addicted to coffee. I needed it or I got headaches. That was when I worked in a coffee shop. After quitting the job, I weaned off that addiction.  It was replaced with tea and Diet Coke. I used to feel the acid in coffee was too much for me. Why did the acid in red wine never bother me? Now, I alternate between coffee and tea. I want to wean off Diet Coke and soda next.

It seems my taste buds and smell senses are heightening.  I made a sandwich with hummus last night and slowly chewed it because I was loving the flavors. The roasted marshmallow and chocolate scents I mentioned were so strong, I was briefly worried I was pregnant. I know I am not, but I get easily nauseous by whatever my housemate cooks. I have started lighting incense sticks all over to combat the stench.

I feel instead of superpowers,  I am developing soberpowers.


Mistake # 77 – I was visiting friends in LA. I had one friend announce I was in town and asked mutual friends to meet at his place. We could have a few drinks and then go to a bar across the street. I was upset that only his girlfriend and one other friend showed up. But we still had fun.

I got drunk at the bar. My friend has a strict “bed by 11” rule. He said I was invited to crash at his place but I was not ready for bed by 11. And his girlfriend was staying. His place is a studio apartment. I did not want to interfere and share their bedroom. The other friend invited me to stay with her.

I somehow managed to follow her car in my rental. I drove from Griffith Park to downtown LA. I remember concentrating very hard to keep my eye on her car in front of me and stay in the lines.

I got to her place okay. She helped me park my car. Then she offered me wine when we got in her place. I think she had a glass and I had the rest of the bottle. Glad I made it to her place okay.