One drink for you… 3 drinks for me…

I went out for dinner last night with a friend. I have known DG for 7 years. When I first met her, it was right after I gave up my post-DUI sobriety. It was about two weeks after a pool party where I got trashed. I was still thinking I was able to moderate.The first weekend I met her, I got trashed two nights in a row. I don’t know why I was lying to myself that I did not have a problem.

When I got into the City, I felt very good. I thought “wow I have come a long way in sobriety. I no longer feel temptations to drink here.” The Happy Hour signs on the sidewalks were not trying to trip me anymore. The cheerful people on the patios drinking did tantalize me with their drunk laughter. I felt strong.

When DG arrived, we got a nice table outside. We had a great view for people watching. We chatted and caught up. Service was very slow at this place but we finally got our drink orders placed.

When her Cabernet arrived, I felt a little weak. I could smell her wine as much as I could smell my own breath. It smelled so lovely. It must have been a good bottle. I really wanted a sip. And I found this desire sad. I was just feeling satisfied at not wanting alcohol. One whiff later and I was craving the poison. Maybe I need to start drawing my Sobriety chips on my hands when I go out to remind myself not to reach out for it.

I am not sure what she would have said if I asked for sip. She knows I quit drinking but she did not know the whole story until tonight. And she did not say much about the story yet seemed to understand. Or at least understood I drank way more than normal people. She might not understand why I need to abstain but she does not have an issue if I do not drink.

She was never a big drinker. I would seriously have about 5 glasses per her one when we would party. We have meet up about once or twice a year since I moved away and that usually involves meeting for dinner. I usually would have 2 or 3 cocktails for her one. She took a long time to finish that Cabernet. What a weird and normal drinker she is!

I made one comment that I made too many mistakes when drunk. She started to list some of my mistakes. *sigh* I wonder if I have any friends that DO NOT have drunk stories I do not remember.

Mistake 147- The first time I met DG, it was at a picnic. Nothing bad happen the first day. We were in a public park and alcohol was illegal. No one was drinking until later in the evening. I had a good time and met people. DG and I connected and got along well. I did not get trashed. But the next night, I did.

We went to a late afternoon BBQ. I started drinking then. Then we went to a party to watch the Tonys and kept drinking. Then we went dancing. The last thing I remember is the dance club. Then I woke up in DG’s living room the next morning. She let me come stay at her place because I was too drunk to get home. She said on the walk to her place, I kept yelling I needed sex. She said I was quite funny. “I HAVEN’T HAD SEX IN A LONG TIME! I NEED SEX!!!” She had a guy staying with her, who I apparently almost molested.  She really thought the guy was scared. He was foreign. He had a girlfriend back home. She said I tried to kiss him several times and he pulled away.

I guess I am lucky she has a sense of humor and put up with my crazy, drunk behavior. I am glad she likes me for whatever reason we connected that first day and not for my drunk antics.

Spidey Senses

The other day while on a walk with my friend, we smelt something burning. I quickly recognized it was marshmallows.  She commented about my super smelling powers.

Today, I walked in a store to get ingredients for salad. I smelt chocolate cookies baking. I needed one! I got a huge chocolate-chocolate chip cookie along with the veggies. It was so good.

Before going sober, I was never a huge chocolate fan. Could take it or leave it. But lately, I have been picking up candy bars whenever I stop in a convenience store. Eating the chocolate donuts from the dozen at work. Adding hot chocolate to my coffee.

I was also not a big coffee fan until recently. In the mid-90s, I was physically addicted to coffee. I needed it or I got headaches. That was when I worked in a coffee shop. After quitting the job, I weaned off that addiction.  It was replaced with tea and Diet Coke. I used to feel the acid in coffee was too much for me. Why did the acid in red wine never bother me? Now, I alternate between coffee and tea. I want to wean off Diet Coke and soda next.

It seems my taste buds and smell senses are heightening.  I made a sandwich with hummus last night and slowly chewed it because I was loving the flavors. The roasted marshmallow and chocolate scents I mentioned were so strong, I was briefly worried I was pregnant. I know I am not, but I get easily nauseous by whatever my housemate cooks. I have started lighting incense sticks all over to combat the stench.

I feel instead of superpowers,  I am developing soberpowers.


Mistake # 77 – I was visiting friends in LA. I had one friend announce I was in town and asked mutual friends to meet at his place. We could have a few drinks and then go to a bar across the street. I was upset that only his girlfriend and one other friend showed up. But we still had fun.

I got drunk at the bar. My friend has a strict “bed by 11” rule. He said I was invited to crash at his place but I was not ready for bed by 11. And his girlfriend was staying. His place is a studio apartment. I did not want to interfere and share their bedroom. The other friend invited me to stay with her.

I somehow managed to follow her car in my rental. I drove from Griffith Park to downtown LA. I remember concentrating very hard to keep my eye on her car in front of me and stay in the lines.

I got to her place okay. She helped me park my car. Then she offered me wine when we got in her place. I think she had a glass and I had the rest of the bottle. Glad I made it to her place okay.