Times Square and Sober

If you ever find yourself in New York City and Times Square, and need an AA meeting, there is one on 46th Street between 8th and Broadway. It is actually an Alcoholic Anonymous club! They have 10:30pm meetings which are great if you want to catch a Broadway show first.



It made me wish I lived in an area with late night meetings. I would make a 10:30 meeting my homegroup with my work hours.

At this meeting, a guy talked about how even with access to a full bar, he would carry his own bottle of liquor around a party as back up. I did that! For me, it was always Bacardi and Diet Coke in a bag. Maybe Malibu. I was always so scared of running out of booze.

Mistake # 171- Even though usually I was a fun drunk, sometimes I could be mean. Especially when it came to my booze. I was at a party for New Years. I had my large bottle of Barcardi for me and contributed a bottle of cheaper stuff to the party. My friends were tending the bar and said they would watch my bottle for me. After midnight, everyone was fairly drunk and the party ran out of booze. That was when I caught some people I didn’t know helping themselves to my Barcardi. You would think they were stealing my first born! I walked over to them yelling “WHO SAID YOU COULD HAVE THAT!” I was pissed off. They got scared and started apologizing. I spent the rest of the party cradling that bottle in my arms. I added some Diet Coke to the rum bottle and just drank straight from there. I might have even spit in it to claim it.


I took a quick trip to NYC. While here, I went to see a new Broadway show called “If/Then” starring Idina Menzel. I laughed and cried so much. I thought it was a wonderful story and such a unique production. It deals with the choices we make in life. If we pick that option, where will it lead? Something simple like answering a phone call can change our destination. I pictured how the decision to have one drink could alter my future.

I related so much to the main character Elizabeth. A woman in her late thirties that overthinks everything. Always wondering “what if?” (The title to the opening song by the way.) It was about relationships and the difficulty of trying to figure out our lives. Plus, Ms Menzel has an amazing, powerful voice!

I walked around the city before the show taking photos. I was waking down one street and was snapping pictures of a liquor store window. A guy working inside came out. “You looking for locally made stuff? We got a whole section inside.” I told him no, actually I was taking the photo to write about the challenges of not drinking in New York City. (The idea of the blog until I saw the play.) We chatted a little about that challenge. He said “I can take it or leave it. I ride motorcycles. So I don’t even touch the stuff when riding.” I explained to him that I have less control. He told me at least the city has a lot of other things to offer. I agreed. He said “on this one block alone, there are two bubble tea shops! You don’t need a bar.” I didn’t bother to tell him the texture of bubble tea grosses me out.

I love New York and I love that I can now visit and remember all of my time there. Way too many blackouts in that city.

Mistake 170- I was living in New York and was out with friends. I met this gorgeous guy from Croatia or Serbia. He had a name that was difficult to spell. He had a great smile. He joined my friends and I at a club dancing. I don’t really remember but he and I kissed on the dance floor.

I woke up the next morning with a note next to my bed. He said I passed out so he left. I had my clothes on so guessed that I did not pass out during sex. I never saw him again. I think he went back to his country. I could look at so many of my blackouts and drunk nights as “what if I didn’t drink to that point?”