Caroline Knapp

(an extra post for me today)

I was reading book reviews on Goodreads. I have been reading Caroline Knapp’s memoir “Drinking: A Love Story” the last few days, in between reading/writing blogs and spending time with my mom. A lot of it is resonating well with me.

Then on the book reviews I discovered that she died in 2002 from lung cancer. I felt deep sorrow. I feel I have been sitting on a couch with her, hearing about her life and addiction the past week. And then woke up today to find out she passed away. It feels as if I lost a close friend. She died around the time I first thought of quitting booze.

She died six years after the book was published. It also makes me think of how precious our time on earth is. I don’t want to waste away any more of my life in the bottom of a bottle.

Article about her death:

Caroline Knapp died at age 42