Gonna try to get SMART

I have mentioned before the SMART recovery site and meetings. I am finally gonna go to one this week. I just signed up on the site to follow the forums and chat rooms and see about the online meetings.

I have been questioning wanting to try, or continue, AA meetings and program. Mostly because I read an article the other day about how low the success rate is and how it is not based on science. Then when I read this description of the difference between SMART and AA, I think SMART might work best did me:

A. SMART Recovery has a scientific foundation, not a spiritual one. SMART Recovery teaches increasing self-reliance, rather than powerlessness. SMART Recovery meetings are discussion meetings in which individuals talk with one another, rather than to one another. SMART Recover encourages attendance for months to years, but probably not a lifetime. There are no sponsors in SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery discourages use of labels such as “alcoholic” or “addict”.

So I will browse around that site and check out a meeting in a few days. I will report back more.

10 thoughts on “Gonna try to get SMART

  1. Yes, please let us know what you think. I joined SMART recovery and bought the book…and then promptly didn’t do a thing with it. There aren’t any meetings in my area (closest is four hours away). I love the premise of SMART. I still go to AA meetings (about one a week now) but I’m no means a “Big Book Thumper” or one of those people who say, “You have to have a spiritual connection and a sponsor for this to work!”

    • I like the idea of AA meetings for the sharing, but I don’t like that we are not supposed to communicate together during a meeting. And it seems the meetings I’ve been to lately praise the steps, big book and higher power more than sharing. I feel it is a waste. I am looking forward to this SMART meeting. I’ve been enjoying reading the forums already. There are a few online meetings I might try also.

      • So in line with both of you. Unfortunately SMART is hardly present in my country. AA is by fare absolute “marketleader” – extremly tight nots to / sponsored by our public health-care. Looking forward to your experiences especially with any online meetings.

      • Yeah, the inability to communicate is a pain. I still find myself looking at the person who’s sharing and nodding or saying “yeah” or in some way indicating that I understand. I get that cross-talk could get out of hand and that meetings could last well over an hour, but there have been so many times that I’ve wanted to give feedback which perhaps would have been helpful.

        You’ve inspired me to give SMART another look. See you on the boards.

    • THX for the link. Extremly relevant – on both a personal level and in the bigger scheme.

      . ….”AA being the only health organization that does not allow 2nd opinions”.
      If AA doen’t work, then it’s solely You having a problem. AA looks to be hardwired for not e.g. suggest relapsers SMART or other alternatives.

      Combining this with this fact :
      “… up to 80 percent of all rehabs (in the US) rely on AA and 12-step treatments as the foundation for their centers. It really has crowded out other voices”

      Perhaps there is a huge potential in more science-/factbased/modern or just alternative approach to Recovery that this marketleader is shadowing for – simply by its total dominance !

  2. I’m doing some work with Smart Recovery – you can get a two day training course and facilitate your own groups – that’s what I have in mind – the training is mid November so I’ll share mu thoughts on it. I also like how it’s not as tribal and “the one true way” as AA is.

  3. I’ve been intrigued with the Smart Recovery approach. I saw they have an online course I may try as there are no meetings where I live. The “powerlessness” of AA really turns me off so I am definitely looking for another way. Good luck, looking forward to hearing about your experience.

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