Drunk Guy Videos Drunk Girl During Sex

I read this story and think “thank god cell phones weren’t around when I was in college.” There were a lot of horrible drunk nights that I had blackout sex and could have been recorded.  Hell just because I am not young nor a college student, if I drink again, this could happen to me.


One thought on “Drunk Guy Videos Drunk Girl During Sex

  1. I was an awkward, anxiety-riddled kid in college…until I drank. After that, all the weirdness melted away, but (luckily?) my hang-ups about intimacy and sex held strong. I just flirted shamelessly and sloppily and made out with equally drunk girls. While I’m glad there weren’t cell phones back then, I’m more grateful there wasn’t social media of any kind. Lord knows what weirdness and embarrassing situations I would have gotten into as a result.

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