Travel Drunk

I really struggled this past week. I really wanted to drink. And I was close to doing so. I really thought about going to the store and buying a 6-pack of IPA. Or maybe just one big bottle. I only wanted one.

Then I decided if I was going to break sobriety, I would want to do it with more flash. I did not want to do it sitting home alone. I did not want to do it in a bar with strangers. I also would not want my friends to know. So I thought I would do it on my next vacation. I am going away in 2 weeks to a place that is known for their vodka. And even though I wasn’t a vodka girl, I would treat myself to a shot of their best vodka. Maybe a beer to chase it. Maybe I would become a travel drunk. Only allow myself to drink in other countries. I could go back to my sober life once I return to the states. I actually started to fantasize about having that first glass and sort of feeling free. No more struggle to fight the disease. Just let it win.

Fortunately, part of the lesson in my nutrition class last week was about alcohol. The chapter was about energy metabolism but also talked about the influence alcohol has on the body. The damage it does to the liver. The effect it has on the brain. It listed the short term problems and the long term problems. It has a table with the signs of alcoholism. I read them and was reminded why I can not have even one drink. Tolerance. Impaired control of amount of drinks. Time spent drinking or recovering. Withdrawal. I remember my body actually shaking sometimes the next day but I never credited it with alcohol withdrawal. It is not so much about abstaining to impress people with my number of months just to get a 2 year coin one day. I am not a moderate drinker and I never will be so therefore I should not drink any alcohol. At all.

I was lonely and depressed last week. I avoided Facebook for a couple of days because it seemed every time I logged on, someone else had a positive relationship status change. Everyone is having kids and settling down and they have nothing else to talk about. Real world issues don’t exist to them because their families have become their real world. And in my real world, I am still struggling. No one checks in on me like they do when wanting monthly updates of pregnant friends. I need to find a group of sober women, who are child-free by choice, and like to travel.

I went to the doctor and got a prescription for Prozac again. He also had me set up an appointment with a therapist in his office but she is only there one day a week. I can not see her until June. Not sure if she works with alcoholics much, but at least I am getting a start. Maybe she can recommend someone.

And on a positive note, the city I am going to in two weeks is very expensive. I do not really want to waste my money on vodka and beer.

5 thoughts on “Travel Drunk

  1. I think getting drunk travelling would waste the experience of another country.
    I’ve found travelling so much more exciting sober.

    Good for you for seeing your doctor. Taking care of yourself is vital.

  2. I know how you feel, I have wanted to drink off and on since my mother passed away. I don’t, because I play that tape to the end, and remember why I quit to begin with.
    Facebook is a lie, we all need to remember that. You never see, I had a huge fight with my husband last night, I burned dinner, or I have a massive hang over and have been puking all day. Facebook is the place where people go to make their lives look more amazing than they are. Take it with a huge grain of salt.
    Trust me, children are highly overrated. I have two and love them to death, but they complicate and already complicated life.
    You are an amazing sober woman, keep up the great work!

  3. I want to thank you for sharing your blog. I am happy that I found it and can relate to a lot of what you say. I am starting the sober life and it’s been helpful reading your posts.

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