Texting Snafu

I just received a mass-text message with a video of some kid earning a karate belt or something. I responded back that I think they have the wrong number because I do not know who they are. I made sure to unclick “group message” so that my response only went to the sender.

But it made me remember drunk times that I did not unclick mass messaging. Twice I had 2 different friends text me a mass message with embarrassing results.

I remember one was New Years. I was very drunk and replied back a quick little update of my life. There were a lot of typos in the long reply. I got about 10 messages back from strangers that were upset to received my unwanted stories in the middle of the night.

Another time, a friend mass-text a joke. At the time, I was drunk at a music festival. I was fighting with a boyfriend she knew. So I replied with stories of him and complaints and how messed up my life was. I did not realize my reply went to a lot of her friends, including a few people that knew him.

To this day I hate mass-text messages but at least I can avoid embarassing mass-responses if I stay sober.

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