My 1 year coin


I finally got my coin!

It is a used one though. I am not gonna worry about that. I went to a Big Book meeting and when it came my turn to read and share, I mentioned I just passed a year sober and would live info on how to get a coin. A guy walked up to me after and gave me his. He told me to give it to someone else who needs it one day.

But I still want a ceremony!

Maybe when I go visit my sister, we will find a meeting and get me a new coin with bells and whistles. Like I have said before, my area AA meetings suck for getting coins!

I felt I had to go to a meeting today. I sort of got dumped. I was not in a real relationship though. He is a guy I went out with about a month ago. I started to really like him. He made me laugh a lot. He is smart, artistic, and very cute. He had a smile that melted my heart (and other body parts.) Plus he doesn’t drink alcohol!

Due to my traveling and then him traveling, we haven’t seen each other since our first date. We were supposed to see each other last night but he texted me in the afternoon that he had to work late. Then he texted me at midnight that he was finished and was wondering where I was. I was too far away. But this morning, I started to wonder if he canceled because he had another date. I texted him and asked. He said no, he was working, but then texted he doesn’t think this is going to work out. We live an hour and half from each other and have conflicting schedules. I was hurt. I started to cry. Did I come off as too jealous? He said he would be still interested in “just hooking up.” I told him I am too good for that.

Logically, he is right. It most likely would not work out. Besides the distance and rarely having time for each other, there is a religious difference. He is Muslim and while I am not sure how serious, I know I would never convert. And all my Muslim men friends have told me a woman must convert to marry a Muslim man.

I am still sad. I deleted his number. Deleted all the photos he sent me of him. Deleted our messages. I am glad I am sober to be able to handle this.

10 thoughts on “My 1 year coin

  1. I’m sorry. Relationships ending hurt.
    Take care of yourself.

    My meeting doesn’t have bells and whistles. You bring your own cake.

    I think a used coin is awesome. What a nice way to pass it forward.



  2. How sweet of the guy who gave you his coin. Think of it as a token of encouragement from someone who has been there. New or used, it signifies just how far you have come. As for the guy…it can definitely make you retreat back into the not-so-good space, but congratulations on being tough!

    *bells and whistles*

  3. Many congrats on one year and I also love the idea of a used coin and paying it forward!
    You are doing great and such an inspiration.

  4. My sponsor has given me her milestone coins along the way, and I cherish them. She sent me a beautiful brand new one year coin. I also got one at my regular meeting. No cake for me because I was in Florida for my real one year.
    I love your coin, it has history.
    Sorry about the guy, but better now than when he really would have broken your heart.

  5. Congratulations. My read is that a used coin is much better than a new one. The old coin represents the fact that what we are doing worked for someone else. I’m just about eighteen months into this journey and wouldn’t trade my sobriety for anything!

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