I found this today in my boxes of wall decorations. I cropped out my name of course. But it was my certification from a visit to the Jameson distillery in Dublin, Ireland in 2008.

I remember that day. I toured it alone. I had to wait about 20 minutes for the tour to begin. I had a hot chocolate with a shot of Jameson while waiting. It was before lunch. My tour was with a big group of students from America. I thought that was an odd place to take students. But at the end of the tour, they ask for volunteers to be taste testers. My hand was the first to go up. The other testers were all chaperones for the students. I remember liking the Jameson much more than the American and Scottish whiskeys we tried. After that, I would order a shot of Jameson once in a while at a bar and brag “I am a certified whiskey taster. I have the paper on my wall to prove it”.

I am gonna burn this. I still haven’t had my “ceremony” of burning things from my drinking days. I still haven’t gotten my coin for one year sobriety either. I need to find the time.

But the important thing is I am still sober. Forget how many days it is now. šŸ™‚