Flying kites in India

I went to see the movie PK. I would recommend it you like foreign films and Bollywood. It questioned religions in our world. It made me nostalgic for my travels in India, Nepal and all of Asia. Maybe if I move to a country where women drinking alcohol is frowned upon, I can stay sober easily.

But I know geographic changes are not the solution.

Mistake: I was in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. Gujarat is one of India’s dry states and prohibits alcohol. But that law is only for Indians. Visitors can obtain a permit and purchase alcohol in hotel liquor stores. It seemed like a lot of extra work to me. I was there for a kite festival with a friend. We met up with locals and travelers one afternoon at a party on a rooftop. The locals taught us foreigners how to fly paper kites.

I just happen to have a bottle of Mekhong whiskey in my bag that I brought from Thailand. I bought it to gift to someone in Delhi but I never got to see the guy. I decided to gift it to myself and this party. I told only a few travelers about it. We mixed it with cola, Sprite and orange soda. The guy that was organizing the party approached me and asked if I had alcohol in my cup. I lied and said no, it was just orange soda. I was drinking from a clear cup and the orange soda was more brown! He could tell I was lying and said the owner of the building does not want alcohol there. I again lied and said there was some earlier but it was all gone. I apologized for not knowing it was forbidden.

Since I had to pretend there was no more whiskey, I could not share it. So I drank the rest. I also had to empty the bottle to get rid of it. I was drunk by sunset. I remember getting mad at my friend but do not remember why. He was probably not giving me enough attention. I left the party without saying anything to him. I took a taxi back to where we were staying. I cried in the taxi ride. Back at our guesthouse, the family invited me to join them for flying kites. I did but I remember feeling sad and tired. And I remember thinking I was so bored with them because they did not have alcohol. I went to bed early. Then I was mad it took my friend awhile to realize I left the party.

Alcohol made me so selfish and self-centered. Such a waste of time.

I have become friends with the guy who questioned my brown orange soda. He invites me back now. I want to return to visit his country, his state, and the country without wasting time with alcohol.

One thought on “Flying kites in India

  1. When i think back my problems also involved me being selfish and self involved. It was like i couldn’t see the world.
    That change of persoective has been drastic. My self pitying thoughts now seem humerous. I can’t fathom how i felt so alone and unloved.

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