CBS 14 Day Challenge

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention month. But most media focuses only on October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. CBS news posted a 14 day challenge of stopping alcohol  and drugs to raise awareness for everyone suffering from addiction and substance abuse problems.

14 Day Challenge

I posted a link to the challenge on my Facebook. Some people agreed to do it. Others bragged about doing it longer and how good they felt. They make it sound easy. I guess it is easy if you are not an alcoholic. But telling me it is easy is sort of patronizing my struggle.

Mistake 243- One guy that said he will do the challenge is a guy I once had a crush on. The last time I saw him, when I was in his city for a night, I got drunk. I had the idea that he would feel more confident taking advantage of me if I were trashed. He either was turned off by my drunkenness or was not interested. Or maybe he is just a nice guy that was not wanting a one night stand. Yet he seems to “like” most of my statuses about being sober.