As soon as I got off the plane and walked through the airport, the tequila advertisements started. Then when I walked past duty free right next to baggage claim, I saw large displays of tequila. I was never a big fan of shots of tequila but I did like some Patrón margaritas.

Alcohol seems to be the largest souvenir of so many places. Rum in Puerto Rico. Vodka in Russia. Port in Portugal. I remember one time I was thinking of visiting Brunei and when I told my friends alcohol is banned in that country, they said “then why would you want to go there?”

I had lunch at a famous beach bar Señor Frogs. I remember eating and drinking here before while waiting for a ferry to Cozumel. I came here because I knew it was on the beach and had wifi. I ordered a “lemonade” but it tastes more like seltzer water with some lemon. I went ahead and ordered a virgin banana daquiri.  The waiter clarified “no alcohol?” “Sí, sin alcohol.” The bartender rang a bell and blew a whistle which meant free tequila shots for everyone. When the guy came to me and I said no, he yelled “FREE TEQUILA!” I again said no gracias. He looked shocked. I might start telling people here I am pregnant.


Virgin Piña Colada

I used to get sick when I drank tequila shots. I tried to avoid them. But if I was drunk and someone was ordering a round of shots, I would agree. And then usually vomit and suffer a horrendous hangover. Yet, still do it again.

Mistake 235- I was tipsy from a bottle of wine to myself at dinner. I took a long route back to my guesthouse so I could explore the streets of Tulum. I found a tequila shop that had a DJ with turntables. People were dancing in the shop and pouring out onto the street. It was a party after the shop was closed for business. They still had a bottle of tequila being passed around from which people to do shots. I joined the party and drank some Dos Equis, but declined the shots. I was diving the next day and did not want to be sick. Yet 1) I should not have drank as much as I did the night before a dive and 2) I was in some tequila shop with a bunch of strangers, with very few speaking English, getting drunk. Not the safest thing. And lucky no one was putting GHB in the open beers they gave me.

4 thoughts on “Te-kill-ya

  1. Joy and I vacationed at the Grande Velas in Riviera Maya in February for my 64th birthday. There was a full bar in the room with tequila and wine setting on the counter. And there was beer in the fridge. All complimentary. We were very comfortable going into that because we keep each other accountable. I will add, however, that when we quit drinking 4 1/2 years ago, it was 2 years before we could go back into that scenario.

    A little background: Joy has been a financial advisor for Edward Jones Investments for over 10 years. For that same amount of time, twice annually we get to choose pretty much anywhere in the world we want to go, to any 5-star resort for at least a week. Sometimes it will be a cruise. For our 25th anniversary, we flew to Barcelona and stayed in an amazing posh little hotel for five days, then boarded the Epic, the newest liner from Norwegian, and we did the Mediterranean. Regardless, EJI picks up the tab for every single thing: airfare, luggage fees, ground transportation, food, liquor, lodging, you name it.

    We are at a place in our own recovery where when we go to the resorts in Mexico or in the Caribbean, we ask for alcohol-free beer and cocktails, and the servers are only too happy to accommodate up. But that’s just us. But here’s what we’ve noticed: We drink a lot less when there’s no alcohol. Still haven’t quite figured that out. And I’m sure some of your readers (or perhaps even you) might take umbrage at that. If so, my apologies. But as I pointed out. It was 2 years before we even put ourselves in that situation again. And we hold each other accountable. There is mutual trust.

    In March of 2015 we are going through the Panama Canal on a delightful ship called the Windstar. This will be our fourth cruise on the ship and we love it. I mention that because I want to encourage you in your own healing journey. It’s a good thing to get on with life. We’re actually supposed to do that. But please — please — be careful. And don’t take anything for granted.

    Sorry for the long response 🙂

    • Thanks for your response. Odd thing: every time I have thought “damn I really wish I could drink”, the song “Chandelier” by Sis comes on. “One two three drink one two three drink.” It reminds me of all my regrets. Reminds me I can NOT drink.

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