Myself Without Alcohol

I want to know myself without alcohol.

Ann Dowsett

I began listening to the book Drinking: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol. It has a lot of good information. I am beginning to hate alcohol. Why did I put that crap in my body? Expect more posts about things I learn from the book.

I am thinking of taking a nutrition class next semester. Maybe that will solidify in my brain of how much alcohol destroys my body.

Mistake 225- I ran into a friend recently for a brief moment. We chatted a little bit. Then as I went to hug him goodbye, he kissed me on my lips. Nothing serious. But planted his lips on my lips for a few seconds. I thought “why did he do that?”

Then I remembered when I ran into him at a club several years ago. I was trashed. We made out. I don’t know how long it lasted. My friend pulled me away and told me about it the next day. I guess he now things I am just a kisser. I feel I need to reinvent myself to a lot of people. I am discovering who I am without alcohol.

6 thoughts on “Myself Without Alcohol

  1. I was at a meeting last week, and the man giving his qualification called alcohol rocket fuel and jet fuel. I started thinking about that, it is very accurate. We drink this crap, and then are surprised we feel like shit.

  2. Agreed. Alcohol is literally poison and in large doses can be fatal. No wonder hangovers were terrible and the bodies natural response to ingesting too much is to vomit. I am so thankful I am now able to live my life without it.
    A nutrition course sounds like a great idea and a fantastic way to pay your body some kindness 🙂

    • Thanks for asking but yep, I am good. Just busy working and with my classwork. Have a bunch of unfinished posts to finish and get them up. But still sober and actually no depressed (back on 2 doses of 5-HTP. )

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