Burning Mistakes

In addition to my post about staying sober at Burning Man,  I will make a list of some drunk mistakes I’ve made there in the past. I already blog a few mistakes but just never mentioned they took place at Burning Man. For example, I woke up in medical once with an IV and was told I fell off an art car. I spent a night getting drunk alone and then sitting on the playa crying until a Black Rock Ranger came to check on me. I blogged about mistakes I made at parties afterwards in Reno. So many sad, depressing mistakes.

Mistake 214- I made plans to meet a friend on Tuesday of the week. As usual for me at festivals, I started drinking as soon as I woke up. He and I ended up at Distrikt, a daytime party. I do not know how long we were there or how much we drank, but I lost my camera. It was a good $400 camera. Even though the first photo was of my name, phone number and address, my camera was never found.

Mistake 215- Every year, there is an event called the Bunny March. People meet at a Bunny Camp, dressed in bunny ears, drink some “Bunny Juice”, and then have a parade around the playa. I remember I showed up drunk with some guy I met. I did not like the Bunny Juice cause it had tequila in it. I kept going to a bar across the street to get drinks with rum. We stopped at bars along the parade. I got so drunk, I lost the guy I was with.

Mistake 216- That night of the Bunny March, I ended up on my friend’s art car. I do not remember it at all but he had a photo to prove I was there.

Mistake 217- I woke up the next day with a necklace from Animal Control. They are a camp that captures people dressed as animals. I always wanted to be caught by Animal Control. They put you in a cage and give you “shots” before you are allowed out. But the one time I am finally caught by them, I do not remember any of it.

Mistake 218- My friends’ camp did a fire performance show every night at their camp. I had a large group of friends meeting me there. I was drunk when I arrived, kept drinking more, and not sure why I left them all. But I ended up back at my tent after the show and cried myself to sleep.

Mistake 219- I was at Burning Man with a boyfriend. I got drunk early on Saturday, got mad at him for something dumb, and went to watch the Man burn without him. His first and only Burning Man and I was being too drunk and stubborn to share that experience with him.

Mistake 220- One year, my camp neighbors were a fun camp that made very good homebrews. I spent the last Sunday night at their camp drinking and “helping” them so they wouldn’t have to take so much back home with them. I drank until I passed out in their camp. I woke up the next morning in a weird position in a chair. My neck hurt. I went back to my camp to find out that I missed my camp’s breakdown.

Mistake 221- One year, I spent Saturday night into Sunday morning drinking on a friend’s art car. I stopped back at my camp to grab something and my camp started to give me a hard time for not being there that morning. I was very irritated (and drunk) because I spent a lot of time all week working at the camp. I grabbed a bunch of beers, returned to the art car, and stayed there drinking until late Sunday night. My camp stayed mad at me and we never really talked about it ever since.

Those are the mistakes I can think of or remember. I have seen other drunk people do a lot worse. It did feel good to remember everything from this year.