Back on my Pink Cloud

(Do pink clouds last into 7 months?)

I am finally starting to feel better. It might have been helped by 5-HTP. I have taken it before but have not stuck to a daily routine of it. I do not know if I could start to feel results from it so quick. I began taken it twice a day for the past week.

Also, I think I figured out when my depressive slump of the past month started. When I went traveling, I had hopes and expectations of something physical happening with a friend. When it did not happen, I felt rejected. That, on top of traveling alone (and not being hit on like when I was younger and traveling), made me feel unpretty.  I still feel I need to improve some of my looks, but feeling less depressed about them. And still upset that my skin never got better since I quit drinking!

Mistake 211- I had a party and as it was winding down,  a guy invited everyone to a art gallery party nearby. All my other guests went home but I joined this guy and his girlfriend for the art gallery.

I was drunk when we got there. They somehow snuck me in without paying. I slightly remember meeting one of the Google creators and someone from the Real World. I kept drinking wine at this party.

I ended up making out with the guy who invited me. In front of his girlfriend.  This pissed her off and they started to have a fight.

Mistake 212- Don’t remember anything else but I know I ended up with another guy. He and I had sex in his friend’s van in the parking lot. Then he came home with me. If he didn’t,  I don’t think I ever would have known about the van.