My very big festival= Big Test of my Sobriety

I am at a week long festival in the desert of Nevada. Some of my readers will know it or have heard of it. I am stealing a wifi signal right now to make a quick post. I will make a longer blog next week to describe my experience. But I am starting day 5 here and I am still sober. I am actually enjoying this festival more than ever before. My friends are al impressed I am able to resist the temptation because booze are EVERYWHERE! But I have witnessed enough drunk related, idiotic events to stress my need to remain sober.

Plus there are AA meetings here! At a festival in the desert! I went to two. It helped me to know there are others like me out here.


I will post next week more about this week and add mistakes that I have incurred here in the past from being drunk.

4 thoughts on “My very big festival= Big Test of my Sobriety

  1. Thanks for posting – I worry about you when you don’t! Yes, I’ve heard of the festival – I heard the first couple of days were washed out, so I’m glad it’s back on and you’re enjoying it. If I were ever to go to an AA meeting it would be at an event like that; the dusty village hall thing doesn’t work for me at all but listening and sharing with people who I know enjoy the same things as I do would be much, much simpler. Enjoy yourself!

  2. The Man! Yes, know it well. Envious. And it is so much about the partying that I can fully appreciate the challenge of being sober there. I had heard there were AA meetings there. It’s so large and it makes sense that by its very nature there would be a lot of former partiers who still want to experience it. Not sure if drugs were ever your thing but that would be as big a temptation there if so. But you will really be able to fully soak in the lights, colour, craziness, art, people, beautiful chaos and remember it all! Look forward to report back – wish I was there.

  3. Horray! I’m happy to hear you are there sober on the playa and enjoying it! I’m happy to hear that it is possible to attend and stay sober from someone like yourself with similar sobriety time. I am def planning on making the trek out from the east coast for 2015. Anything is possible when we are sober!!! ❤

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