Don’t Understand Drinking Anymore

I am on a roadtrip and at a national park. We were supposed to camp but the weather report says 80% chance of thunderstorms.  So we got a hotel.  We didn’t check in until after 11pm. My friend decided to finish his last 3 beers. I am not sure why I was so annoyed. I do not understand why he needed them in the first place.

I told him I wanted to get up early to get into the park. He said we should sleep in if it is gonna rain. I told him I’d rather get an early start in case the morning is the only good weather we get. He actually suggested just getting drunk if it rains all day. And will I overdose on coffee while he drinks Budweiser all day?

We have 14 more hours of driving after this park. I sort of want to find a dry town as our next stop.

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