Alcoholism and Depression claim another great person

Robin Williams has been found dead.

This is only the second time in my life that I cried due to a celebrity death. The first was when I heard about Michael Hutchense,  lead singer of my favorite 80s band INXS,  and I was drunk.

This time, I think it is because I feel a connection to Mr Williams. I posted 6 weeks ago that he was returned to rehab. It just seems so impossible that he succumbed to depression so soon after trying to battle his addictions again. There is never complete victory, is there?

And I am getting mad because of all the people that seem to not want to hear me talk about my drinking problem or ignore the issue of alcoholism are all whining what a horrible loss. It is a horrible loss but what about the loss of sanity he must have felt for many years? It is painful. Depression is so heavy is pulls at your limbs and heart and soul. It makes you feel you are dragging your body through cement. No matter how insane alcohol might make you, when you are sunk in depression, floating out on the stream of booze might seem better than nothing.

I do not know if Mr Williams was on alcohol or drugs when he took his life. But I know every time I have attempted suicide, I was drunk.

Of course, none of the “Normies” will pay attention to my comments about his addiction. They won’t see this as a warning sign to take alcoholism and other addictions seriously. They will still consider people that can not handle drinking as immoral rather than having a mental problem. They will briefly mourn the loss of an artist and quote some of his movies. They might make a toast to him. They will never look at the underlying factors.

I am sorry you hurt for so long Mr Williams.I hope you found peace.

2 thoughts on “Alcoholism and Depression claim another great person

  1. I was bawling as well. Depression and addiction sucks. Alcohol makes it feel better only temporarily as I can attest. I have been there as well as you… Hopefully I can save myself and find a reason to do so before such. Not saying I’m there but can’t say I have been close…I know I’m being very vague but I’m sure you read between the lines. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for your post (again) as I don’t feel so alone or weird (as I think I am). keep being strong!! Big hugs.

  2. You’d be surprised how many people do understand underlying causes and conditions. Most people know someone who is an alcoholic or addict or knows someone who has one in their lives. I have already seen a few ignorant comments out there, but I think they are in the minority. To me, while he had depression, alcoholism killed the lovely Mr. Williams. It may not say it on the death certificate, but that’s another way we tend to go. I was ready to jump in front of a subway 2 months into my sobriety. Couldn’t live with the drink, couldn’t live without it.

    May God bless him and all the others who we don’t hear about but take their own lives because of this.


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