Sleeping in dangerous places

I have slept on buses, trains, and subways. Sometimes because I was extremely tired. Other times because I was drunk. A friend posted this meme yesterday that made me think of another mistake.


Mistake 198- I was staying with a friend in New Jersey right across the river from New York City. I was out partying in New York. I love how that city won’t sleep. But I did. I fell asleep in Port Authority.I was having too much fun getting drunk in the East Village.

I missed the normal New Jersey Transit buses that stop at 1am. I also missed the shuttle buses that leave from outside Port Authority to many destinations in Jersey and run until 2 or 3am. The next NJTransit bus would leave at 5am. So I slept inside next to the gate for the bus.

My phone must have died but before it did, I texted a depressive message to my sister. Then I told her I was sleeping in Port Authority for the night.  She was frantically trying to call me and kept getting my voicemail. When I finally got to my friend’s house and plugged in my phone, there was a few worried messages from her. I called to tell her I was okay and apologized. 

When I think about done of the situations my drinking put me in, I am so shocked yet thankful to be alive.