Rational Mind

The other day, I was thinking of how I seem to be more focused lately. I seem to work out issues rationally and plan a little better. I seem less discombobulated. Is this a surprise benefit of sobriety?

Then I read Soberista’s blog “Why You Shouldn’t Fear Taking the Alcohol Free Leap“. It was reassuring. It helped reinforce what I was thinking and made me even more happy that I quit drinking. “But when alcohol begins to lose its magical properties and undergoes a gradual metamorphosis into a foul, domineering, mind-twisting liquid, one which causes the drinker to regard it with equal measures of love and hatred, then it’s time to consider a life free from its influence.”

Mistake 187- I went to a wedding in California and had some bottles of wine and champagne left over from the reception. I packed one of the bottles of wine in my luggage. Since my flight was late in the day, I spent the afternoon sitting on the beach alone drinking the other bottle of red wine from a plastic cup. I poured the champagne into a large plastic water bottle. After finishing off the bottle of wine by myself, I drove to the airport to return my rental car. I checked in for my flight. Then I drank the champagne from the plastic bottle before going through security. I finished about half when I started to feel sick. I ran to the bathroom and forced myself to throw up I dumped out the rest of the champagne.  I felt better after vomiting. I went through security and then slept almost the whole flight home.

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