No Alcohol Please

I love that when I go up to the bars at this festival,  bars where they gift free alcohol, and I say “do you have anything without alcohol?, everyone seems to try to accommodate me.
“I swear this is just Ginger Ale.”
“Sure honey, orange or grapefruit juice?”

I don’t even have to say why I do not want alcohol.  They don’t ask but I can’t help but think “THEY KNOW!” But I am not bother if they know.

Mistake 165- I was at a festival last October.  I got drunk and met this really gorgeous guy. He was drunk also. I remember we walked off into the woods and started to make out. I dropped my headlamp. Then we wanted to take me back to his tent. He wanted us to take a shortcut through the woods. With no headlamp or lights at all. I ended up slipping and literally tumbled down a hill on the path. Messed up my knee. Cut it open bad. We had a medic look at it who suggested I leave the festival to get stitches. I was too drunk to care and didn’t want to leave.

The cut got infected.  Turned to bursitis. And now I have an ugly scar there, small lump, and it hurts to keep it bent too long or in some yoga positions.

That guy came by my camp the next day. He said hi. I said hello. I was sitting in a circle with me friends. After he walked off, my friend next to me asked “why didn’t you get up to go talk to him?” I asked “who was that?”

I did not recognize him. Then I regretted not getting up cause he was very cute. Then again, he was not too smart to take me on a shortcut in the woods with no lights. But can I really judge another’s drunk mistakes?