I got up in time for the sunrise but I was so tired. I stayed up late (even though I planned for sleep early) reading up about this area. Then the sunrise wasn’t too great due to clouds. So right after I saw the sun, I went back to bed a bit more. I needed rest for a long day. I was so happy that at least I wasn’t hungover. I was still able to wake up at 7:30 to get my day started. If I was hungover, I would sleep til just before checkout.


Mistake #154- I made plans to visit a friend in England. A week before, she told me it wasn’t a good time. So at the last minute I changed my plans. Instead, I went to visit Pillsbury that I wrote about in yesterday’s mistake.

This was 8 months after we met and out roadtrip where I regretfully had sex with him. I did not talk with him much since then. But I wanted to visit his city and asked about staying on his couch. When he told me he was going to take off work to show me around, I should have realized he still had a crush on me.

The first night, we went out to dinner with a large group of people. Some were his friends and the rest were friends of friends. There were people from all over. After dinner, we all went to a bar. I was having a good time mingling and meeting new people. Pillsbury seemed to be keeping tabs on me. If I was out of his sight, he would search the bar for me. I went to the front bar for a drink and he ran out from the back room. “I didn’t know where you went.” I told him I was just getting a beer.

Then I met a guy. Mr Smiles. He was very cute. He was in town on business. We started to talk and instantly got a long. He bought me a few beers. I began to mingle with only him. Sat down next to him swapping stories. This was making Pillsbury jealous.

Finally Pillsbury told me we were leaving. His friend that was giving us a ride was leaving because she had work the next morning. I thought it was still too early to end the night. It was not even 11pm. I wanted to stay out. I said we could get a taxi. Pillsbury said we had to leave. Then Mr Smiles offered to keep me company if I stayed. He told Pillsbury he will make sure I got back safely. Pillsbury left in anger.

Everyone else from the dinner group left shortly after. Mr Smiles and I stayed. We met a couple that was local. We drank until the bar closed. I was very drunk by that time. I am not sure if we walked or got a taxi back to Pillsbury’s house.

I had a spare key. I tried to be quiet and sneak Mr Smiles inside. But Pillsbury was waiting up for me. He said he was worried. Then he saw I had a guest. I said something about Mr Smiles made sure I got home okay but since it was late, I offered him the second couch. Pillsbury was not too happy but let him stay.

I must have thought it would have been too rude (and it would have) to do anything on the couches. So I took Mr Smiles out to the backyard. We had sex up against the fence in the garden. Then slept on the couch. He woke up very early to get back to his hotel. He had a meeting that morning.

When I woke up, I realized I was missing a necklace. I went out to the garden to look. Did it fall off during sex? Pillsbury found me out there. “What are you looking for?” Um a necklace. “What would it be doing out here?” Um, I came out to look at the stars last night.

The rest of my stay, I kept thinking of Mr Smiles and annoyed by Pillsbury’s doting behaviour. I assumed he realized “looking at the stars” was a lie. He didn’t seemed bother by it or was ignorant of what really happened in the garden. He still acted interested in me. What was wrong with him? Did he have such low values that he would still want a slut like me? I had no respect for him for wanting me. And obviously had no respect for myself.

I drank a lot of beer my last night. In my tipsy state, I talked a lot about Mr Smiles. I was making plans to see him again. Pillsbury started to behave rude to me. He started to criticize Mr Smiles. I felt I finally succeeded in killing his crush on me. Later on, I found out Pillsbury told everyone from that dinner party, and people that knew Mr Smiles, about the garden romp. I guess my plan was successful and unsuccessful.