Relapse is always dangerous

My coworker found this story last night and started to laugh. She said “how could you not know someone is on your windshield for 2 miles!” I can’t believe she found it funny. And like most drunk stories in the news, I just thank gods it wasn’t me!

If you didn’t click on it or haven’t heard about it, a woman, who was a drug and alcohol counselor, hit a guy that was walking down the street while she was drunk. She was double the legal drinking BAC level. A little higher than me when I got my 2nd DUI. Thankfully, I only hit a ditch. She did not know he was on her car and witnesses had to get her to stop after 2 miles. The guy was still alive but died at the hospital.  She got sentenced 55 years in prison. Here is more about the story from when the accident happen.

She was a addiction counselor! But she must have relapsed. She drank again and became a murderer.

Never know what picking up just one drink, just one sip, could lead to.
Never know.

Mistake 143- I was dating a guy SP briefly. I really liked him but as usual for me, he didn’t want anything serious. He just wanted a party fuck buddy. I had a small get-together. SP came and 5 other friends were there. One friend was a guy with whom SP and I were both good friends.

I got trashed. Woke up with SP in my bed. Our friend was on the couch. Everyone else was gone. I was completely naked.

Later on I found out after everyone but our one friend left, SP and I started to have sex in the living room. In front of our friend. Our friend was drunk and laid on the couch with a pillow over his eyes. He later on told me SP kept inviting him to join us. I do not remember any of it.