Get by with Friends

Sober Señorita posted a great blog a month ago about what she learned her first year sober. I saw a friend today post a link to an article about her blog. Wow! I was so happy and impressed to see someone else on my Facebook post about sobriety that wasn’t me! He is a psych nurse so that might be his interest.  Or maybe he is questioning his drinking. Either way, I was happy someone else was advertising that there are great reasons to go sober!

I reposted the link on my Facebook. I mentioned I have been sober 4 1/2 months and asked if my friends did not understand why I quit drinking, please read the article. I related to her story so much. Ex party girl. A lot of embarrassments and disappointments. Tried to moderate and FAILED! And now so happy (even though still far from a year sober), I can not imagine going back to my drinking life. Sure, I had some good times. But having to daily remember another drunk mistake story is taking the glamour out of my drinking days.

I feel like I am in Clockwork Orange. I have my eyes pried open and I am forced to watch all the horrible things I did when drinking. It is a bizarre therapy. A self therapy. But so far, seems to be working.

As usual when I post on FB something about my sobriety, it did not get many comments or likes. Or not as many as I was hoping. I got more likes for this photo I posted:


I want to scream “are you intimidated by my sobriety? Think it makes me boring? Worried how it reflects on you?” All I want is a little support from my friends in the form of hitting a like button. Guess they prefer funny memes and cat photos.

I get worried that I talk too much about my sobriety. But I would rather talk and be open about it than shamed and secretive. I read a lot of blogs about people not wanting to tell family and friends. People are worried they will appear weird for not drinking. I guess people are afraid of being judged. I know I am scared of that. Yet I also know I could not get through this without real life support. My friends that have been supportive and lent me an ear have been a huge help. Getting friends to share drunk stories I have forgotten (or blacked out to) has helped with my blog.

I used to get high with a little help from my friends. But now I am getting by with a little help from my friends.

Mistake 134- One friend commented on the link I shared about Sober Señorita’s blog. She said she quit for 6 months but now drinks daily without being a party girl. If she can moderate, good for her. But I told her I don’t remember much of the night we met 5 years ago. She doesn’t either.

We were in Peru. Met up through other aquaintances at a dinner. Then we all went dancing. I remember the place we ate at was upstairs cause I was scared going down the steps drunk. We did a lot of falling down on the way to the club. We danced and drank. I don’t remember much else about the night.

I was supposed to leave the next morning for a trip to see some canyons. I asked the guy I was staying with if I could stay at his place an extra day and leave for my trip the next day. I faked traveler’s diarrhea. But I was actually very hungover.  I wasted a whole day on my trip sleeping off a hangover.

4 thoughts on “Get by with Friends

  1. Before I got sober, I saw a few posts from people on my timeline about it, and I never commented either. I had a mixture of feelings:
    1. I should do that, quit drinking
    2. I am not sure I would put that on Facbook, what if I failed
    3. Boy that is personal
    I am not your “typical” human, but that is just how I felt as I scrolled past it. Here it feels more accepted, and of course there is the anonymity as well.
    I hope that this venue has been supportive for you. Facebook seems like it is just for HAPPY news, look my life is awesome.
    Stay strong 🙂

  2. I think people just don’t understand. I know I wouldn’t have understood a couple of years ago before drinking became a problem for me. I would have thought ‘just control yourself! Drinking is fun! Why miss out on that?!’

    Good on your for being open about your sobriety- one day someone will seek you out who you’ve made think about their own drinking and make a change, and how awesome will that be?

    • I keep thinking that WE thought “why quit drinking?” because we are alcoholics. I guess I was hoping people that don’t need to drink would be supportive, much as if I announced I was battling any other disease. But you are right. They don’t understand. It still irritates me that I seem to get more support when I announce I quit soda than booze.

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