5 stages of Inebriation


A friend posted old photos of the 5 Stages of Inebriation. I feel I could go through old photos of myself and recreate these photos. So many photos of me drunk! Passed out. Chugging bottles. Double fisting. I once had an album on MySpace just of me drinking. I did it because someone complained my drinking photos were not “lady like.” He deleted me as a friend after I made that album.

I have old VHS videos of my parties. But I don’t think I was drunk on the tapes. I was recording. I don’t think I have drunk videos of myself. I am sure other people might. Maybe I can get them sent to me for my birthday. Or my sober anniversary.


Mistake 127- I was at a huge house party. I arrived there drunk. I got a ride with a friend but he left early. I think I was planning on catching a taxi home.

I woke up in the master bedroom. I was laying across a king size bed, from side to side rather than top to bottom, with 3 or 4 other people in the bed. Girls and guys. The guy who owned the house was in another room. I had on my jeans but was topless. I found my shirt. A cute guy found my bra for me.

Everyone that was passed out from the party started drinking again the next morning. I did not because I had to work that night. The cute guy offered to give me a ride home. My friend said “oh what a gentleman!”

He asked me for my number. I don’t know if we made plans to meet again on the drive home or if one of us texted the other first. But we had a date a few days later. We went out a few times. We had sex. Then I finally asked about the party.

He said he and I started making out. There were a bunch of people in the room and everyone was doing their own thing. I climbed on top of him, straddled him, took off my top and bra (with people in th room), kissed him some more, and then passed out.

I couldn’t even remember if he was one of the people in the bed the next morning. I guess I was still drunk when I woke up.

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