Drunk and in the news

People laugh at stories of people getting drunk and doing stupid shit. It seems to be more hilarious when it is newsworthy and gets shared on Facebook. This woman went on a two day drinking bender, stole a ferry, and yelled “I am Jack Sparrow!”

My friends laugh. I read it and think “thank god I never did that!” I am glad I never ended up on the news. I am glad when I got my DUIs, my photo did not end up in the newspaper like some communities do. I am “lucky” my only arrests were DUIs.

There was a story back in February of a woman getting drunk, hitting on a man on a plane, and then getting violent when he turned her down. Then there was the guy on Virgin Airlines that caused a hijack scare cause he was drunk and thought the cockpit was the bathroom. A woman got arrested for loud, drunk sex on an airplane bathroom a few weeks ago. Usually when there is a bizarre story of someone getting arrested on a flight, alcohol is involved.

Mistake 126- I was flying from London back to the United States. On my way to catch my flight, I saw small bottles of wine at Duty Free for £5 each. I had just enough notes left over for two bottles. Didn’t want to waste my pounds by them back to the US. I bought 2 bottles.

Plus I drank in the airport waiting for my flight. Add my drinks onto the credit card! Can’t leave London without some Pimms. And they always seem to give out alcoholic samples in Gatwick. Yes I will try some if that! I have a long flight. Best to pass out drunk for it.

I was drunk on the flight. I kept my cup from the lunch meal to drink my wine. Then, being the environmentalist I am, took the two empty bottles to the back of the plane and asked the flight attendants if they had a recycling bin.
“No. But you didn’t drink those on the plane?”
I felt like a kid that got caught cheating on a test.
“No, I, um, drank them in the airport but forgot to throw them out and stuck the empties in my bag.”
They took my bottles and gave me a nasty look. I went back to my seat and slept the rest of the way. I was too embarrassed to order more drinks. Not sure what the punishment would be for drinking my own booze in flight but glad I did not find out.

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