Festival day two-

Once I found my friends, this weekend started to get better. I saw a comedy performance. I went to bars and requested juice only. Maybe ice. Only one bar couldn’t accommodate because their drinks were already mixed.

I enjoyed talking to new people and helping other people carry in their camping gear. I had drunk guys hit on me that were annoying. One guy kept insisting on spinning me on the dance floor and then tried to dip me. He dropped me. He kept apologizing. “Maybe I am drunker than I thought?” Yep… I think you swaying as you stand is not dancing.

I discovered people camping near me from a city I used to live. We are all on a website for travelers. I am nervous about approaching them in case they know some of the same people that I made a drunk fool out of myself in front of in 2008.

(I finally approached them. They were excited to see someone from the “old days” of the website and invited me over for breakfast the next morning. So far, no one that was around there in 2008.)

Mistake 123- I organized a group of people from a nearby city to come for a tour for the weekend. I got some local people to help out. I had places for the out-of-owners to stay for free and people to help show them around.

Then the week before, I found out one of the hosts couldn’t host. She did not tell me. I figured it out because she took herself off the event page. I panicked and rushed to find places for 6 people to stay that were assigned to stay at her place.

Then 2 of the people told me they found a place on their own. Turns out, they were friends with the host that backed out and she said they could stay there after all. It was a big confusion and I was stressing out. I had four people staying with me.

Once Saturday night came, I got drunk and tried to forget the stress. Then one of the women that was staying with the “back-out host” complained that this weekend was not organized enough. I got belligerent.

Has SHE ever tried to organize a weekend like this? And it was HER friend that backed out of hosting at the last minute. I don’t remember what I said but I could imagine the nasty words.

One of the women that was to stay with me changed her mind. She wanted to stay with the back-out host. I felt offended. I dont know how I got home that night but I know I cried myself to sleep. The three guys staying with me seemed okay the next morning after playing drunk babysitters. They sort of agreed with me that the woman shouldn’t have complained. I was still always worried what they said to other people about my drunk, emotional break-down.

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