Day One of Festival- still sober

I know I will not give up my sobriety this weekend, but I am finding it difficult to meet people without alcohol. I have two friends arriving today so maybe that will make things better. I slept a lot today. It seems the first people do when I meet them is offer me a drink. Everyone has a beer in their hands. Even the people working the medical tent offered me jello shots.

It was a pain setting up my tent. It rained a lot the first day so the whole campground was full of mud. I had to hand- carry everything and it took several trips. Today, my back and arms are sore. Hence, why I slept a lot.

The place dried up today but it is not much fun since I am dry.

Mistake 122- I was at a large festival. My friends were all making plans to go out on the Thursday night to see some of the art projects. I went back to my tent to grab something and they were gone by the time I returned to the meeting point. I was upset. How could they forget me? I went and got drunk instead. I walked off and hit all the camps I passed that were gifting booze. I got trashed on top of my depression. I sat by myself crying. A guy approached me to see if I was okay. I blabber to him about my friends all ditching me. He said something about them (people he did not know) being assholes.  I don’t remember what else he said but he encouraged me to go back to my tent where I passed out for the whole night.

4 thoughts on “Day One of Festival- still sober

  1. I have been following your blog and you’re so honest and a very good writer! I think that even if you don’t meet great people – which you very well may, it will infinitely definitely be better than crying, being hung over, sleeping with someone you don’t really like, or all the other not so great scenarios that could happen. Alcohol may make it easier to socialize, but it can come at a dark price. Keep working on taking care of you, and things will fall into place! Have fun and remember it doesn’t have to be wild to be fun (:

    • Thanks for commenting (and sorry just replying now. Tried not to spend so much time on my phone at the festival).
      I did look at the drunk people around me and it was like a mirror into my past. I was so happy I not only survived the festival sober, I was happy I quit altogether!

  2. I agree with Hanna. I just wrote an entry on my blog about how I flipped out on my neighbors last night because they were drunk and loud, most likely because part of me was jealous I could no longer party like them. When I find it difficult to socialize sober I keep in mind that it’s none of my business what other people think of me. As long as I’m sober and having fun, the rest will fall into place. You have the opportunity to walk away from this festival remembering the music and the experience and everyone else will be walking away hung over with blurred memories and some mistakes under their belts. Stay strong !

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