Day One of Festival- still sober

I know I will not give up my sobriety this weekend, but I am finding it difficult to meet people without alcohol. I have two friends arriving today so maybe that will make things better. I slept a lot today. It seems the first people do when I meet them is offer me a drink. Everyone has a beer in their hands. Even the people working the medical tent offered me jello shots.

It was a pain setting up my tent. It rained a lot the first day so the whole campground was full of mud. I had to hand- carry everything and it took several trips. Today, my back and arms are sore. Hence, why I slept a lot.

The place dried up today but it is not much fun since I am dry.

Mistake 122- I was at a large festival. My friends were all making plans to go out on the Thursday night to see some of the art projects. I went back to my tent to grab something and they were gone by the time I returned to the meeting point. I was upset. How could they forget me? I went and got drunk instead. I walked off and hit all the camps I passed that were gifting booze. I got trashed on top of my depression. I sat by myself crying. A guy approached me to see if I was okay. I blabber to him about my friends all ditching me. He said something about them (people he did not know) being assholes.  I don’t remember what else he said but he encouraged me to go back to my tent where I passed out for the whole night.