Getting Over Being Lonely

The other day I wrote about how it sucks to be sober and single. It is hard to meet anyone even though I know that I should not be focusing my energy on meeting someone. I need to be vigilant about my sobriety and do not need a boy (or girl) messing that up. But I have been lonely the past three months. And honestly, it is more about being horny than wanting companionship.fuck buddy

Makes me realize there have been times where I wanted to be with someone and I drank to get the courage to make a move. Or if they shot me down, “I was drunk” was my excuse for being so foolish. Not all of my one-night stands were drunken mistakes. With my low self-image, I felt like I accomplished something if a drunk person I wanted slept with me. I have had some boyfriends complain that I had to get drunk to have sex. It made me wonder if I was a lesbian.

I have an ex-boyfriend, whom I dated for a year and half, and I got him drunk the first night we had sex. We started the night sharing a bottle of wine, which was actually the two of us chugging it while waiting in line for a concert. Once inside, I kept buying two beers in the beer line with the excuse it was to save time. He did not have much money because he was traveling. I encouraged him to drink some of my two cups. I do not remember when our first kiss was and the first sex that night was lousy. I thought it was going to be one night but then we started traveling together and it turned into a relationship. But I always questions his TRUE feelings for me and said “if I did not get you drunk that first night, we would never be together!” It is not a good way to start a loving, commitment.

To solve my “dating” sober problem, I asked a friend for help. Isn’t part of recovery reaching out and asking for help?

I texted him: “Trying to figure out how to ask this and if you say no, no problem. But I am finding trying to date sober sucks. Would it ever be okay to come visit for a booty call?”

I did not realize he did not have my phone number saved in his phone. Thankfully he guessed who it was. I responded that it is a good thing he doesn’t have many sober friends. He did not think I was serious. When I assured him I was, he said I can visit whenever for what any reason.

But his best response was “you’re not giving up on sobriety, are you?” That made me so happy. It made me think he is more concerned for my sobriety than getting laid. That is a good friend. A good friend with benefits! He can be my temporary playtoy. My sex sponsor.

I am just really nervous how this is going to work sober. I have had “fuck buddies” in the past but alcohol was always involved. Sober sex? I guess I need to learn to get used to a lot of activities in a sober state. Sober dancing. Sober concerts. Sober knitting.

Just kidding. I do not know how to knit. But maybe I can learn.

Mistake # 104- I lost my purse with my wallet and a nice jacket from London, but not my phone. I was kicked out of a bar for being too drunk. I do not remember if the night started out with friends but I know I was in the bar alone when kicked out. Since I had no wallet, I could not pay for a taxi. I drunk texted a few friends asking for a ride. One guy offered to come pick me up to take me home. Then another friend offered me a ride. I replied “it’s okay, a fuck friend is picking me up.” But I accidentally sent the text to the friend that was picking me up. He wrote back “I hope that is not how you think of me.”

I waited for him, sitting on the sidewalk, with my back leaning against the wall. I jumped up when his car pulled up and ran to his car. I apologized for the drunk text and thanked him for picking me up. Then I drunkenly explained we were two friends that had casual sex so we sort of were “fuck friends.” Our friendship fizzled out after that night.

No more drunk texts is one of my favorite sober benefits.

6 thoughts on “Getting Over Being Lonely

  1. Companionship is a big thing in early sobriety – and sex. Many of the guys I work with are usually in a relationship by the time they go to treatment, so for them, it’s about getting well and then reconciling with their partners. For the single ones, it’s about trying to “date themselves” first before heading out. But lust being what it is, many of them seek that bonking partner. Which, in the end, may be better than getting into a romantic, emotional relationship. I say that because when the dudes hook up and get a new girlfriend (which happens), they start to lose focus on their sobriety. I am not saying it happens to every single folk, but relationships too early, when the guys are still trying to figure themselves out, it halts their progress.

    Hence I say having that booty call might save them the emotional attachment. Get their groove on 🙂

    ah, the drunken text…thank God I didn’t have a cell phone that texts when I was active…lol.

    • thanks. It is strange but I feel better just knowing that the option is now there. With my schedule, I do not know how much we will see each other. But I feel better knowing that I have someone just for that purpose if needed. Oh… and as friend to listen to me and support my sobriety and blah blah blah. 🙂

  2. I kind of want to learn how to knit too. I mean, not really, but it seems like a cool thing to do. There was a woman in China who knitted throughout every meeting. It was mesmerizing watching her. Her hands just acted on their own. She’d look down occasionally, but often, her hands would just go without her thinking about it or looking, as far as I could tell.

    • my mom bought me a “learn to knit” kit many years ago. I half-heartedly tried once but felt my fingers were too fat to do it. But I will have to give it a try after I get it out of storage.

  3. Hilarious! Be careful with it. You know how girls have a bad habit of getting emotionally wrapped around some guy’s dick. But honey, I totally understand the need. When you’re trying so hard to be good all the time, something’s just got to bend! “To thine own self be true” and it’s progress not perfection. Happy boinking & stay safe! 🙂

    • Haha yea thanks. Since I leave here in Aug, it feels there is a deadline to this buddy boinking so no need to get emotionally wrapped. But we do plan to wrap up. 🙂

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