May the 4th Be With You

Today is known as Star Wars day to fans of the Sci-fi movies. I usually celebrate with drinks named for Star Wars characters and costumes. This year, I put my hair in Princess Leia buns at work. I joked that I had the Jedi force all night.

But it got me thinking of having a force to stay sober. Maybe for people who have a hard time believing in a god as a higher power, they could believe in a Jedi higher power.

Yoda has a lot of great wisdom that could be used when dealing with sobriety.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Drinking definitely was a dark side for me. It caused so much evil in my life. And it has a strong power. “Consume you it will.”

When I feel I need to drink, maybe I need to picture a little Yoda sitting next to me. He will tell me to use the force to stay sober.  “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” I will play Jedi mind tricks on the urge to drink.


Mistake # 103- A few years ago, I dated a guy that was a big Star Wars fan. We got along okay but his low self-esteem was very annoying and he was very clingy. I was moving away anyway so we broke up.

I was back in town and invited him to join me and friends at a bar. The night was going well. We were having fun. We were drinking a lot of beers. Then I got drunk. I remember a little bit about fighting with him. But I do not know why.

The next morning I woke up on my friend’s couch. I asked her what happened. She said I ran out of the bar and he followed. She came out and found us fighting by her car. She said I was yelling at him “See! This is why I broke up with you!” She did not know what we were fighting about but the scene was dramatic. I complained about him the whole drive to her place. She said she doubted I will ever hear from him again.

yodaThen I found a text from him apologizing. He said he was not sure what happened but he was sorry. I felt so ashamed for the scene I cause but also was annoyed that he was apologizing for my drunken behaviour. His low self-esteem again? But that does not excuse my bitchy performance. It reminds me I need to work on my self-esteem if I am going to live a good, sober life.


4 thoughts on “May the 4th Be With You

  1. Great post! I woke up this morning to read several “may the forth be with you” comments on Facebook and I totally thought about applying it to sobriety. We do need a sober force to keep us sober!! Maybe I will borrow that and think of Yoda when I feel the urge to drink. Yoda and Wolfie can battle it out!

  2. I often quote Yoda in meetings or when working with newcomers. He’s full of sobriety style wisdom! I have an atheist friend who jokingly says that his Higher Power is Yoda.

    • I think it works. I have a pin on ceiling of my car and a sign above my desk “May the Force be With You”. Staying sober is the strongest force I ever felt.

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