Get Healthy: take 2

I was silly to try to start a “diet” a week before going to see friends. Especially with a kid in the car. Now I know I can not tell another woman how to raise her kid, but my imaginary offspring would only eat veggie snacks, milk and water.

Thankfully my friend was stern enough not to let me drink soda. I told her how I almost got weak in a store on Friday by myself. I picked up a Vanilla Coke and told myself “at least it isn’t diet” but then put it back and grabbed water. I also grabbed some energy flavor stuff to add to my water that is supposed to repress my appetite. Not wonderful stuff since it is chemicals but maybe helpful to steer me from my diet soda and sugar addiction.

And all weekend, I did not bother to question what I ate. Tacos. Pizza. Hashbrowns. Lots of sugar in my coffee. My friend offered me stevia instead of sugar but I thought it tasted like medicine. I really just need to wean off sugar. Maybe even learn to drink coffee black.


I went to a women’s AA meeting last night. I enjoyed it. Three women spoke about their stories of 20, 24, and 30 years sobriety. That just seems so long. I was inspired but also a bit sad. Will I ever be able to celebrate 20 years? 10? 5 even? Sometimes I get so scared of the thought of drinking but it seems a life of longterm sobriety is as possible as finding Narnia.

I think I will start going to more meetings. I liked that a few women talked to me last night but did not pressure me. I feel I am in pre-AA. I feel I am training. Prepping. I want to stay sober but I am not ready for a home group or sponsor. I want to wait until after I move this August to a more permanent home. I will invest in AA then. I sort of wish there was a website to find a perfect sponsor for me. Like instead of eHarmony. OKSobriety.

Sobriety means a change in lifestyle. Getting healthy is a change in lifestyle. Part of me wants to move to Saudi Arabia. Maybe that is the change I need.

Mistake # 98- Two years ago, I was visiting a foreign city. I got drunk at a bar with friends. Made out with a guy I called Player. I wasted the whole next day sleeping off my hangover. I did not get to see any sites. That night, my friend had a party. Player and I made out again in a corner but I do not remember. At a party the next night, I had sex with Player. Then I found out he had a girlfriend. She was out of town that weekend. I was upset but I did not remember the sex. I just figured it didn’t matter. But I did get drunk and sent him many nasty texts.
When I returned to that city again, I avoided seeing Player again.

5 thoughts on “Get Healthy: take 2

  1. My Dad moved to Saudi Arabia and was sober while he was there, but it didn’t last. He started drinking again once he moved to Dubai. I think the geographical changes aren’t as important as the mental and emotional ones we make. I hear you with the sugar thing… it is hard to cut it out! Sounds like you are making small steps, which is great! xx

    • Thanks. Did he work on making changes while there? When I first got sober, I emailed a few job recruiters thinking it would be like a geographical rehab. But I changed my mind because my mom would be too upset if I moved there.

      • I am not really sure… I don’t think so. By the time he left he was sure that he would be able to drink moderately once again, and in the past few months I have heard much less from him, which is normal when he’s drinking. I guess you have to do what is best for you!

      • I think if I went a year ago, I would think I could drink moderately when I left. I try to tell myself I know better now. But I know running away is not the answer. Maybe I will try moving somewhere over there after I have more sobriety and tools under my belt.

  2. I too used to think that 20+ years was just mad. I couldn’t even fathom 30 days let alone 30 yrs. But I was just telling a guy tonight that it’s just now, edging in on 3 yrs myself, I can see long term sobriety. I really can. I just needed a few years behind me to see it. It’s still a lot – he was going through some harsh times, and it’s still not always easy, even with 20+ years sober. it’s just the proverbial putting one foot in front of the other at times. We just start to get the hang of it more and more as we go on.



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