I am realizing airports, airplanes, and flying are triggers that make me want to drink.

I have been to many airports around the world. In the ones I have frequently spent time in, I tend to have favorite bars. Atlanta. Newark. Los Angeles. Houston. Chicago. Frankfurt. I loved that most airport bars serve alcohol for breakfast. How many Bloody Marys could I chug before take-off?  In the afternoons and evenings, I would search out a pub with local beer. Sometimes, I would treat myself to overpriced glasses at a wine bar.

I used to love it when there was a bar near my gate. It felt like a bonus if I could sit with a drink and still view when the boarding procedure began. I loved the drunk conversations I would have with other travelers waiting for their flights. When there were flight delays due to weather, the bar patrons developed a bond.

I once spent four hours in Houston with a group of strangers drinking for free. A guy was celebrating his Army retirement. He kept ordering rounds of tequila shots. He insisted on paying for each beer I drank. I had to help him find his gate when his flight was finally leaving. I finally went to my gate but my flight was still delayed. I returned to the bar for one more quick beer. I grabbed two instead and chugged them. I almost missed that flight.

When I flew international, I would use up my foreign money on wine or beer. I would skip eating at the airport to make sure I had some cash for alcohol on the flight. Now I am not sure if I could do that. I know most American flights require credit cards for purchasing in flight.

I was a bit nervous that I was gonna be upgraded to first class for this trip. Free alcohol would be so tempting. I get free upgrades sometimes because I am a frequent flyer with a membership card. I was relieved there was no room. I was happy in my sober, economy seat.
I also get free passes to the airline lounge. I used to scoff that the only drinks they offered for free were coffee, tea, and ice water. Some of the lounges offer juice and soda. I used to spend my time sitting at the bar in the lounge. This time, I ate some cheese and typed on my laptop. At least they have free WiFi.

Do some non-American airlines offer free alcohol? I think I remember free wine on an international flight? I know I got free alcohol on an overnight bus in Argentina. They came around offering cups of whiskey before the meal, then wine with the meal, and a flute of sparkling, white wine before turning off the lights. It was such a luxurious bus. I hate turning freebies. Guess I will have to now.

Mistake #95- I had a flight from San Francisco to San Diego with a layover in Los Angeles. I spent my layover at the bar. My flight got delayed. I would drink, check on flight, still delayed, drink more. I missed the flight. I remember blaming the guy at the gate. Was he supposed to come find me at the bar?

Next flight would not be until the next morning. I was supposed to be at work at 7am. I called work to tell them I would an hour late due to flight problems. I slept in the airport. A lot of people asked why I did not rent a car and drive the two hours. I told them I did not want to spend the money. Actually, I was too drunk to think of that option. (And not in a condition to drive that night. )

2 thoughts on “Flying

  1. Yes, the triggers! I am reminded of my triggers each day. If my brain & cranium was not attached to my neck and my neck was not attached to my arms. My arms literally would have free reign to just float through the air with no care in the world and grab wine floating in front of me. I had a stupid trigger yesterday. I just want to wander down to Kohl’s and than grab some dinner. The trigger was….”I was alI by myself”. With casual time on my hands. And there was my favorite liquor store. The end result was I literally had to tell myself, “I do not do that anymore”.
    I enjoyed your blog.

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