Be Happy


I am lucky that I have a job that makes me happy. Even if it is making me busy, I enjoy it. And the more sober days I achieve,  the more blessed I feel.

This morning, this made me happy:


I am going to blog a little each day but will have to go back to add in my drunk mistakes when I get time. I am not gonna stress out about not adding one daily. They exist. I just need a chance to express them via the keyboard.

Mistake # 78 – I got upgraded to first class on a flight. I started drinking as soon as I got my seat. “White wine please.” I was finished and asking for a second glass before take-off.

I am not sure how many I had during the flight. I know I switched between wine and Bacardi and Cokes. I wanted to get as many free drinks as I could. I needed to make this free upgrade worth it.

I could not remember where I reserved my rental car through. I could not find the email. I went to one company but they did not have my name. I tried to call my frequent flyer company to see if they knew where my reservation was made. They said they could not help me. I began yelling at the phone. Telling the person on the other end they were “useless”. I kept repeating that word.

I finally found the correct company. I somehow pretended to be sober. They rented me the car.

I went to a friend’s house. We walked to a bar around the corner. We got drunk. Back at his place, he invited me to stay in his bed instead of on the couch. I remember asking “don’t you have a girlfriend?” He replied yes. I am not sure why I asked because I was drunk enough not to care.

6 thoughts on “Be Happy

  1. you have so much great information in your blog. I struggle to get much reading time but I know I can learn plenty from you, Thank you so much and greetings… 🙂

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