My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (rose tinted glasses that is)

I am feeling good and feeling positive. I started plotting out my awards for each 10 day milestone. Thinking of that coconut cake for 50 days was a huge help. Someone could have offered me a glass of expensive champagne and said there was finally peace in the middle east and I would have declined it and said “great, but no thanks cause I really want that cake!”

For 60 days, I am planning a facial. Hopefully my skin will start showing some booze free improvements.

For 70 days, I will get my legs waxed. (Wait, did I say rewards or punishment?) I have not shaved since I stopped drinking. A benefit of being single. But spring and short season is coming.

For 80 days, an 80s New Wave party! I am a little worried about handling that one. It is a Duran Duran theme and I know the DJs. I think it will be a reward and a test of temptation. But I know I can dance to New Wave sober.

For 90 days, I am going to see a Broadway show! orchestra seats!

For 100, I am going to plan a trip somewhere. I don’t know where yet. I actually work for 3 nights on days 100, 101, and 102. But the days after that… I want to fly somewhere. Soar to sobriety. Look to my future where each sober day is an award.

Mistake #51- A quick one- There was a small club I used to frequent in 2003-2005. I used to go there for the New Wave parties I mentioned above. On Sundays, it was a rock and punk music night. And strippers. They had professional ones dance on a box in the middle of the dance floor and then invited anyone else to get up there as an amateur strippers. They even gave out awards for best stripper or aka “Slut of the Week.” I used to get wasted at this club. I would even go alone and  assume I would run into someone I knew or make a new friend. One night,  I am really thankful I ran into a friend. I don’t remember much but I woke up at home in my bed. Wearing my jeans and a pink, feather boa around my neck. No shirt.

I was confused until he messaged me online. “Get home okay?” I said yes and asked if he was at the club. He responded “LOL yes. You were awesome. You got up on the stripper box. You threw your shirt out in the crowd. Someone kept it.”

Um where did the feather boa come from? One of the other strippers gave it to me when I couldn’t find my shirt. My friend put me in a taxi after extracting my address from me.

Did I win Slut of the Week?


7 thoughts on “My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (rose tinted glasses that is)

  1. Damn!! No slut of the week?? How old were you? I am so happy for you and I am so sad I gave up my 42 day chip. So not worth it. We used to be neck and neck…you were a few days before me.I thought about just continuing with day 43 because it helps me. I know thats not the rules but going back to 6, 7 even 10 is so depressing.

    • I was 28 or 29. Going sober makes me feel like I am finally growing up.
      Continue how you think will help you. It is not in the numbers. Maybe get your mom to watch “Lindsay” or another movie and try to explain “that is me”. Visual explanations usually help. I am watching for “When A Man Loves A Woman” to come in the mail. Right now I think my mom thinks I quit , or taking a break, ( not sure if she thinks this is long term), because I was worried how it would affect my career. I need to let her know it was affecting my whole life.

      And maybe find distractions instead of tempting situations. That is why I am waiting until 80 days to go to a bar. But it is nice knowing I can dive away whenever I start to feel uncomfortable. Before I used to plan to park my car where I could sleep in it if needed.

  2. You go girl! I thought we were just eating coconut cake, but now we are getting facials. Great idea!
    M&M’s for everyone, on me 🙌
    Your days seem to be flying by, and mine seem to be at a crawl.
    I am so happy for you!

  3. I’m a number freak,so counting days has been a big deal … once you get to triple digits, you stay in triple until well over TWO YEARS … day 1844, now I’m noting that I am 156 days to TWO thousand, wow. Time does not guarantee sobriety, I’ve seen relapse after 20+ years with subsequent death, it is a fatal and progressive disease. Hang in there, it is worth it and keep counting and keep treating!

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