Those Magic Words

Right now, I can not picture “10 years sober.” That just seems beyond amazing.
I feel getting to my 60 days will be graduating middle school. 90 days will be going from sophomore to junior year. 6 months sober will be like high school graduation. And one year sober will be college graduation. Then… I will be a grown up! So much growing and learning to do in that time.
I feel in awe of 10 years sobriety.

Sober Identity

Activity Where are those magic words? Those words that let the reader know I understand.  I understand where you are, but if you can just trust there is another way, I promise there is.

Active alcoholism, especially when in it, is the worst kind of torture. Non-addicts have no reference point for this kind of futility. Once one has conceded to this condition there is no turning back. Drinking has lost its joy, yet it remains a necessity. It’s a bogus livelihood.

Ten years ago, today, I had the gift of my last drink. I had plans to admit myself to detox at South Coast Medical Hospital the next morning. The big plan was to stay sober for one year. Within this year I was going to prove to myself (the world) that I did not have a drinking problem; I just needed a little break, a reprieve, a hiatus of…

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