dinner party

I went to a birthday dinner last night. I arrived late because I miscalculated how far of a drive it was. I was still one of the first few people to arrive. I thought it was going to be a dinner and some drinks but it turns out she was turning the bar section of the restaurant into her birthday celebration. So most people were arriving later for the drinking portion. The birthday girl was there with five friends when I arrived. A total of thirty were expected.

I was trying to think of excuses  for why I was not drinking. No one asked. My friend called the bartender over to get my order and said he makes good drinks. I told him ravioli and “just some water.” I think it helped that I did not know anyone but the birthday girl. No one else knew  what my drinking habits were like. She was too busy introducing people and drinking. It was her night. She was center of attention. Why would people care if I drank booze or not?

I was irritated that when I ordered two Diet Cokes, it was not free refills. $2.50 for soda! What if I was designated driver? I sort of was DD for myself.

As more people started to arrive and claim they needed to “catch up”, I knew I had to go. Rounds of shots were being ordered. People started to pound drinks. Some yelled “gonna be a WILD night!” My friend was a little disappointed when I told her I had to leave but I gave an honest excuse that I was going to visit my mom. It was  a long drive. We promised to get together soon. I will approach the sober subject then.

Later that night, I saw a video of the party posted online. Bongos came out. The bar was packed with people dancing. Most looked drunk. I was glad I did not stay. I would have been bored sober and pitied myself. I am not ready for dinner parties where the focus is on drinking.

Mistake # 33- I was living near Washington DC. I made plans with a friend to see the “DC Drag Race” or “High Heel Race” near Dupont Circle. This is an annual event where drag queens race down a block or two in high heels. We got a good seat with a view of the race. That means we got there early. I do not remember which bar but it had an upstairs balcony. We started drinking and drinking lots. I do not remember much about the race except my favorite drag queen was dressed like Britney Spears. She was pushing a baby carriage and kept dropping her baby.

I woke up on my friend’s couch the next day. There was a large cup from McDonald’s on the coffee table. I sipped it and it tasted like flat Diet Coke. I went up to his room and asked him where was my camera. He proceeded to fill in details of the night to try to figure out where I left my camera. I also realized my wallet was missing. My driver’s license and credit cards. All gone. He said we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. Maybe I left everything there. Nope. And not at the bar either. I was taking a short trip to Europe two days later. I had to get traveler’s checks from the bank. I was thankful I did not have my passport out with me that night. More collateral damage due to my war with alcohol.