Caroline Knapp

(an extra post for me today)

I was reading book reviews on Goodreads. I have been reading Caroline Knapp’s memoir “Drinking: A Love Story” the last few days, in between reading/writing blogs and spending time with my mom. A lot of it is resonating well with me.

Then on the book reviews I discovered that she died in 2002 from lung cancer. I felt deep sorrow. I feel I have been sitting on a couch with her, hearing about her life and addiction the past week. And then woke up today to find out she passed away. It feels as if I lost a close friend. She died around the time I first thought of quitting booze.

She died six years after the book was published. It also makes me think of how precious our time on earth is. I don’t want to waste away any more of my life in the bottom of a bottle.

Article about her death:

Caroline Knapp died at age 42

5 thoughts on “Caroline Knapp

  1. I feel you on the desire to live your life, rather than simply immerse in drunkenness. No matter how loudly it calls to me, I must remember that I choose between living my life, and living drunkenness. Keep posting, and stay away from that first drink!

  2. I am now reading her chapter about the science of addiction and how the message of alcohol=pleasure might be imprinted on the alcoholic’s brain forever. My brain will never forget the pleasure it got from drinking so I must keep reminding myself of the problems it caused. Hence blogging about a year’s worth of problems.

    • I remember the first blog I read of yours said you read it but I must have missed you saying that.
      Sad. My dad died from lung cancer. I grew up thinking he would die either from skin cancer, lung cancer, or booze. Smoking was the only bad habit I never picked up from him. Still not sure I am ready to give up sun worshipping. (Well, when I see it again.)

  3. You might want to read Gail Caldwell’s memoir, Let’s Take the Long Way Home, which is about her friendship with Caroline, and about Caroline’s illness. Sad, but beautiful. Gail is a recovering drunk, too.

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